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Here we are then!

I’ll start this with a little about myself.

I spent 15 years of my childhood in care and was pregnant with my 1st son aged just 17. I was a single mum of 2 by the time I was 20.

Me aged 27.

At 25 I met my husband and we were married within 5 years. We had another 2 sons, then last year we had a beautiful daughter.

My eldest now 19, (or #1 as we call him!) went to start his University Degree a few weeks ago. He’s the musician. He plays guitar, drums & violin. He is studying music technology as he has been making, recording and producing music from a little recording studio in his bedroom for a few years now.
My 17 year old (#2) is more of a ‘hands on’ lad, preferring sports. He was (until recently) doing an engineering apprenticeship. He has a hot temper but he’s got a huge heart and is immensely loyal. He’s had a tough time lately, he lost his job, his girlfriend of 2 years and is feeling it a bit. He’s decided to go and stay with his dad for a few weeks to get his head together and come back fresh when he’s more able.

My 11 year old  (#3) has some problems and he has Asperger’s Syndrome, he’s very into wrestling, I guess it’s more of an obsession than an interest, but that’s Asperger’s for you! He is a keen boxer and he’s just found out he’s being carded in the new season.
My 4 year old (#4) is a typical 4 year old. One minute he’s laughing, the next he’s having a tantrum! He is very much into the Superhero Squad… Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk… if it’s got superpowers, then he likes it and of course Toy Story!

Then there’s my 17 month old (#5) she’s adorable, my little princess. She smiles and everyone smiles, she lights up the room with her huge blue eyes and she’s so bright. She’s a model.
So I’ve had children in my teens, my 20’s and my 30’s and I have to say, it’s harder to cope with the sleep deprivation now than it ever was when I was younger!

Up until 3 years ago, I was an army wife living in St Johns Wood, but my husband left the army and we now live in Suffolk, which is ok but I so miss London, I’m a city girl at heart and I’m sure if we can ever afford to move, I’d love to go back to SJW. I guess I miss the community spirit that forces families have but I was born and bred in London and I love it there so much.

In my spare time (when I actually get some spare time!) I like to read and I also crochet like a granny! I enter (and often win!) lots of competitions too!

I am also a strong believer in karma and staying positive, always being thankful for what we have instead of dwelling on what we lack in life.

Too many people are so negative and don’t see just how very lucky they are!

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