New Beginnings

03 Jan

So it’s 2016… Time to start making New Year’s resolutions? Not at all. We can decide to make our lives better by making the decision to be happy every morning, to make a change in our lives every day, we don’t need to set high expectations of ourselves every New Year that we probably won’t keep to. Small changes every day will eventually equate to big changes over time.

Last May I made the decision to start the Couch to 10km to challenge myself to get fitter, I didn’t manage to run the 10km in the time expected but I can do a fair 10km brisk walk which is further than the couch at least.

I decided to go out for the first New Year I’ve spent out in years. I only went to the local pub but I met some new friends and one I hope to spend more nights out with, we are both recently separated 40-something women getting out there for the first time in years, we chatted for hours and both want to broaden our social lives and get out more so we exchanged numbers and are hoping to meet up again soon. So here’s to a new year with new friends.

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