Something That Really Grabs my Interest.

02 Aug

Sometimes I read something that really grabs my interest. My husband thinks my positive thinking is somewhat annoying sometimes, but I just see it as a positive thing to be positive! What is there to gain by being negative? Nothing… but there is an abundance to gain by being positive.

“Consciousness is the pure form of energy that imparts

structure into everything you experience, and it

contains the sum of all your experiences, knowledge,

and wisdom. It is your higher being that gave you the

form you have and a percentage of your higher being is

the consciousness that you are aware of in the physical




Jessica Bailey

The world that you are familiar with is the physical world and it is made up of energy formed into dense structures called atoms, molecules, cells and matter. This world by observation follows a set of laws that were derived by science and are called Newtonian Physics. These observations allow matter to be made into many things as evidenced by the technology in the world around you.

The fact is that this world of matter is not REAL. It is animated and structured from the level of consciousness which is the REAL part.

Consciousness is the pure form of energy that imparts structure into everything you experience, and it contains the sum of all your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. It is your higher being that gave you the form you have and a percentage of your higher being is the consciousness that you are aware of in the physical world.

If you reconnect completely with your higher consciousness and begin to understand the Laws of the Universe then you can finally make sense out of the experience we call life here in this physical level.

Science and engineering understand the fundamental laws of thermodynamics that matter and energy can never cease to exist they only transmute into a new form.

The well known equation of Albert Einstein


combined wave theory and the fundamental laws of particles and recognized that matter and energy are proportional. This simple truth has been proven by nuclear reactors and nuclear warheads and demonstrates the fact that everything is made up of energy. Matter is just energy formed into various structures vibrating at different frequencies.

The same understanding that allowed man to build nuclear power plants and nuclear warheads forms the basis for understanding that your consciousness is energy and it is the part of you that is REAL not the physical matter it assembled here to sense and experience.

Law of Attraction (1)

Like attracts like, and our mind is a reflection of what is to manifest. Feelings are the result of a thought that creates a wave of energy that goes out into the cosmos thus creating a reaction of the same that returns.

The Intentions you set, the thought you create with those intentions, the feelings you have that impart strength to those intentions are broadcast into the universe. When they return they complete and begin to manifest in your presence.

They also bring back things that resonate with clouded understandings and those conflicts as well as the other things you were intending. This is the mechanism where you attract things that you believe you did not ask for.

The signal you sent, the intentions, with thoughts and feelings radiates into the universe and the things that are needed to bring about an outcome that fits with your signal are attracted to your presence because they resonate with the signal you sent.

The people and opportunities that are attracted to you resonate when they approach you so they will catch your attention. You can learn to respond to your intuition and listen. In this way you attract, then notice what you are asking for and begin to move toward the intentions you create. The universe will respond to your intention and it will manifest.

The simple way to visualize how resonance works is to use the physical example of tuning forks. You are sending a message and for this example let\’s say you are vibrating at the frequency of a ‘C’ tuning fork. Other tuning forks in the area, for instance a ‘B’ are unaffected and do not begin to resonate and vibrate without being struck. Since they do not resonate you ignore them in the crowd of things around you.

This changes when something that is of like energy and is attuned to you, it creates a same frequency of ‘C’. When it gets near it begins to resonate and vibrate simply by being near your ‘C’ radiation.

This is how you recognize what is being attracted to you. The things that catch your attention and draw you to them are the things that are being attracted, and that resonate. The subtle feeling of resonance is your intuition telling you to pay attention to that person or place.

Your intuition appears to you as an affinity or a willingness to be close to that person or place. It also shows up as a sense that you need to speak to a particular person as you encounter them.

The recognition that this is the method of creation behind your experiences gives you an awareness to begin to use and train your consciousness to influence the physical manifestation around you in new ways.

There is a catch to this because all the laws of the universe work simultaneously. You must learn the process and how to attach feelings to the intentions so they broadcast a clear powerful message.

Feelings provide you with the real guidance to help you know what to do. Emotions are a cloud of misunderstanding and reactions that make it impossible to notice the subtle feelings and intuition you need to follow.

A person is much more complex than a single frequency of a tuning fork. Think of a person as radiating a sound pattern of an entire orchestra with a hundred instruments. Some of the instruments are beautifully tuned and some are flat, sharp, or even out of key.

Recognize this and work to improve yourself. Let go of physical worldly goals and see them as part of your experience that can help you to recognize some truth about yourself.

Law of Deliberate Creation (2)

When you purposely state your intentions in the morning and add the thoughts and feelings each day it is sending a consistent message and you can direct what you will attract on a daily basis.

The Law of Deliberate Creation says that we are sure to manifest and receive what we have set out for ourselves and are consistent, practicing a conscious discipline to work towards it every day. We are sure without a doubt that we shall receive it.

When you recognize that your physical form is only an instrument of your higher being and you begin to listen to and ask your higher being for direction you come into harmony with the law of attraction and deliberate creation.

You can choose which viewpoint to live in. Choose the one that attracts the things you want not the things you do not want.

Law of Allowing (3)

There is another aspect of this that is not understood by many people in how the law of attraction and deliberate creation in fact operate. If you are in a relationship where someone is constantly doing things you do not like and you want to use deliberate creation to change them you have failed to understand the third law, the law of allowing.

The law of allowing implies that you should accept everyone\’s path as their own and not interfere with the way others are working towards their wisdom. You are not limited by anyone else\’s choices and are able to follow your own conviction with certainty and should do so without listening to others. This is the law of allowing.

When you grasp the implications of the law of allowing it ends conflict. It simply says if we disagree we will begin to go in different directions where you can have it your way and not affect me.

As we are pure consciousness you would understand the absolute truth that your universe will create and only include those things that our consciousness requires for it to expand and accumulate the appropriate information.

Law of Karma (4)

The law of Karma is the absolute infallibility of Cause and Effect. When you cause something to happen you set in motion the conditions that will create the effect. That effect is the result of that cause, and that continuum cannot be stopped or prevented. Every action creates an equal reaction. Whatever your do will be reflected back onto you in a way that will affect you in the same way but perhaps a different scenario at another time in the future.

Karma (action) requires three conditions for the same action to reoccur. Place, time and the persons involved must be appear again at a determinate time in the future for the event to reoccur. Most of the time these events occur when all parties and conditions are met and ready to meet again. As each and every one of us have a different collection of karma and lessons to learn we can at times wait many life times before the event is presented to us again. It will also continue to reoccur until you recognize what has happened, take responsibility for the action as you were the one that began the cycle or were in some part of the event.

If you steal something from someone you may not be seen or held accountable for it in the present. Karma on the other hand will repeat it and something will be taken from you.

Karma always enforces the experience you created so you may understand the consequences of your action and can learn from them.

Karma never sleeps. Your actions are recorded in your consciousness stream because it generates a wave of energy out into the cosmos with the intention to return. Your consciousness knows all that is has done. Karma applies to conscious actions with intention. Things that are done under the control of someone else have a lesser degree of karma attached to them. Only beings with consciousness accumulate karma and do not escape its boomerang effect. Natural occurrences created by the planet and lower forms of life like animals cannot create karma.

Law of Enlightenment (5)

The law on enlightenment is about achieving higher levels of knowledge and awareness that produces higher wisdom. It amasses energy and creates new energy systems based on our special, unique gifts that we develop through time.

When our higher being is directed by a higher guidance to move in a certain direction to achieve something that is required to fulfill a need in the cosmos, our consciousness is pushed in that direction to work for the higher being to achieve it.

There are infinite levels of enlightenment which are also called dimensions. A dimension is an energy level that can communicate and share its gifts with the rest of the cosmos aiding it and other beings to do the same and rise up to their higher ability.

The law of enlightenment says that without experience and careful processing and integration of our being we cannot experience great awakening. It is important that we rise up slowly and diligently, thus, creating the most ideal conditions and foundations for our consciousness in order for the effects to remain growing consistently.

Law of Giving (6)

Light is the key to understanding the Law of Giving. Energy is light, light is energy, and our consciousness (energy) exists in the form of clear light which contains its own DNA structure that manifests more energy that is given and shared with others beings and our community in the universe.

Giving has nothing to do with generosity although it is a higher form of expanding what we have in order to expand together.

When we understand that we are not separate from one another and we share the world, the cosmos, the air, the water, etc., the more we expand as an individual, the more we can expand as a community and rise up collectively to achieve a group enlightenment so the Law of Giving allows us a powerful way to create that quickly using our ability to visualize and manifest.

Law of Directing Your Energy (7)

Directing your energy is about realizing the way that you are able to direct your energy using your gifts and merit that you have accumulated to ask for the direction to move in.

When you find the correct direction, you find yourself on an energy wave that is the right one for you, hence it creates a collection of events on all levels that pushes you forward and not get off-course.

Law of Looking for the Path (8)

This law has everything to do with looking for and finding the path that is suitable to your development. After you find the energy wave that pushes you forward, you must look for the way that you will achieve higher levels, earn gifts and talents that resonate with your being.

Once you find that path, you make a commitment, or a vow to keep to that path and discipline yourself using discrimination in order to keep to the middle path and not swing too far to either side creating excessive or fanatical ways of practicing on your path. Maintaining a flexible attitude about your learning and experiential process is the best way to keep to the path.

Law of Focusing to Move Forward (9)

Setting a goal and visualizing ourselves into the future is the way we practice the Law of Moving Forward. It is action yoga to see ourselves doing exactly what it is that we wish to do with our partner and in a group.

First we must rise our energy up, lifting our aspiration to do the highest good for ourselves without hurting others. Once we have lifted our motivation and mindset up, we can begin to move forward and it can be achieved quickly.

There is a meditation that is used to activate the moving forward yoga. You can begin by focusing on a point in front of you and picture the reason you are moving forward and then swing your head to the right breathing through your solar plexus chakra and see yourself pushing forward energy placing you in the future.

Law of Asking (10)

Asking is the correct protocol when connecting to the cosmos and our higher beings. We also use the Law of Asking when we connect with our spiritual guardians for guidance and direction.

The Universe doesn\’t know what you want unless you ask and you must ask with a strong commitment that you will use what you ask for, plus you must feel humility and gratitude for the fact that you can ask.

When high beings ask for things, they ask with a sense of appreciation for who they are and even though we may not know who we are asking, we still feel that we are asking someone that is higher and more capable than we are, so we ask with devotion.

Law of Seeing to Focus on Creating (11)

Seeing is a gift and using the creative power to see is an even bigger ability when you can tap into it. The Universe contains and thrives off an energy called the Creative Power and within it is a dimension that we tap into that we can see. There we place those things we wish to create.

For example, let us say we decide to build a community where the inhabitants are supportive and very conscious of each other and the effects created. We use our ability to see the way we are going to achieve it and get there. This Law creates for us the conditions and space in which it can be created on the energy field. The manifestation of the creative exists on various levels and when the completion of it becomes a reality, it can produce the next opportunity to arise that will create the next vision.

With our ability to see, we are creating a trend that creates a chain of events that can lead you with your group to higher and a more long-lasting creative process.

Law of Looking at Things as They Really Are (12)

Without this law we are unable to realize the true reality of everything around us. There are many things that must be removed and recognized before we can practice this law.

First there is ego or the mind which is only an instrument to get us to connect with our consciousness completely. Then there is wrong view and sometimes murky thinking that does not let us recognize our karmic experiences we are experiencing. However, when all these details are attended to and/or while these are being resolved, consciousness can surface and begin to experience the true nature of things.

Our family and society creates wrong views about ourselves and what part we play in it. We must first remove ourselves from these influences in order to experience directly. We should not listen to others if we are not resonating with what they are saying or doing. When we recognize what pushes and pulls us, we can begin to look at things as they really are and the ascension to wisdom becomes clear and direct.

We are then able to raise our thinking and apply our actions accordingly moving us in the direction that we aspire to be. This is creating the conditions for us to focus on our inner development and connect deeply to our feelings and begin to live life in the now. With this completed we can begin to see ourselves more accurately and the effects that we are creating with our actions, thoughts and speech.

Seeing ourselves as we truly are sets the tone for shifting our energy into a vibration frequency that can affect our environment. This begins the creative process with a new light dedicated to building a community with the right mindset and approach. This can move us away from the present unhappy situation most of us find ourselves in.

Our understanding of our true reality surface and we can see our family and community with compassion and understanding of how we can serve as a better example. When we practice all these laws and integrate them into our patterns we can create and open a new path for others to follow without diverting them from their path. We are all then able to look up together positively and move forward with great commitment and enthusiasm.

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