A Tragic Week.

26 Jul

This last week’s events have been tragic.

Firstly there were the inexpiable crimes that unfolded in Norway on Friday.

The following was a message I received on facebook from Samuel Tarry of  an anti-Hate group I support, it sums up how I feel about the Norwegian’s firm determination to not allow this crisis impair their stand on any kind of extremist violence;

Barking & Dagenham Hope not Hate

Barking & Dagenham Hope not Hate
  • Today we are all Norwegian. Please sign our book of condolences.
    Dear Friend,
    I am sure you will share with me a sense of shock, disbelief and outrage at the appalling events that took place in Norway last Friday. The horrors we have seen unfold are almost unimaginable and our thoughts go out to everyone affected.
    The response of the Norwegian people has been humbling – a poignant contrast to those who so quickly and hysterically sought to blame Muslims for this act of extremist terror. Instead of vengeance, the Prime Minister of Norway called for more democracy, asserting that their values would not be shaken by the politics of hate made so violently real.
    As a supporter of HOPE not hate, and of our struggle against fascism, hatred, bigotry and racism, I would ask that you join me in signing our book of condolences.Will you join me in signing our book of condolences to the Norwegian people?

 The atrocities were the awful consequence of the politics of hate. While Anders Breivik appears to have acted alone he was motivated and driven by the propaganda and anti-Muslim hatred pushed by Christian fundamentalist, right-wing Conservative and far-right groups.

It is the same hatred that inspired the London nail bomber David Copeland and drives groups such as the BNP and the English Defence League in this country.

It is how we respond to this hatred that a society will be measured and the people of Norway have shown us the way. Just as London united after the 7/7 bombings, the people of Norway are refusing to get drawn into anger and hatred. Instead they are fighting hate with hope – standing firm together and reaffirming their democratic principles.

Let’s send them a message of support.

We will present copies of this book of condolences to the Norwegian Embassy in London and our sister organisation in Norway.

Although we are stunned by the events we have seen it is also vital that we turn grief into action and hope. If we do, then the likes of Anders Breivik and the EDL that he actively supported will fail.

I dag er vi alle norske. Today we are all Norwegian.

In solidarity



There is no more I could add, except maybe to encourage others to add their condolences to the book.

RIP to all the 76 who were slain and the countless other victims of  Anders Behring Breivik.


Secondly, on Saturday, Amy Winehouse was found dead.

Now I know that few people have sympathy for addicts of any kind, and people are comparing the two events, with an opinion that one deserves more sympathy than the other.

but growing up in care I guess I knew my fair share of addicts… I was even one myself.

I spoke in a previous post about my addiction to cigarettes, but that’s not all I’ve had to battle with to quit.

Different people deal with traumatic events in their lives in very different ways. I was a self-harmer. There are probably less than a handful of people that actually know this about me so this is the first time I’ve spoken publicly about it.

I experimented with just every drug there is, not many really appealed to me, I smoked a bit of weed, did some speed, but it was self-harm that was my drug. Even now, when things have got really tough, I have to fight to stop myself reaching for the razor blades. I know it’s one of those things people just don’t understand and I wouldn’t expect them to, it’s tough to understand when you’re actually the one doing it. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to go through it themselves.

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve found myself trying to explain on facebook, that there is more to Amy’s tragic end than ‘Just another Junkie now off the streets’.

So many people are so cold-hearted towards a fellow human-being. No-one knows the circumstances that made her try drugs for the first time, but people rarely become addicts ‘just for the fun of it’.

Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and now Amy Winehouse. It matters none if it’s Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, Pain Killers, Anti-Depressants, Sleeping Pills, Cigarettes or Cannabis. They’re all drugs, all addictive and all damaging…. So why condemn & speak so cruelly about someone when those before her are treated like legends?

 They all deserve to be treated with respect. Just because they were weak doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel sad for their lost lives. She was a tortured and talented soul who has left behind devastated family, friends and fans.

Yet another member of the notorious 27 Club…

No-one wants to become a member but the membership list is growing, sadly.

Russell Brand summed it up in a poignant tribute to Amy.

Please read it…

She was a huge talent, wasted a little on someone who didn’t embrace it?… Maybe.

…but she never signed up to be perfect, or even a role model… Just a singer. And she did that well.

Camden will miss her.

RIP Amy Winehouse.


Thirdly, there was the high speed train crash on Saturday which killed 39 and injured almost 200 people in Xinhua, South of Shanghai, China.

This hasn’t been on the news surprisingly. (?) a 2 year old girl Xiang Weiyi, was pulled from the wreckage 21 hours after the crash and there was a worrying moment when they thought her little leg would be amputated, but they have managed to save her injured leg, sadly her parents weren’t so lucky and lost their lives.

picture from

I found the latest on here

RIP to all those whose lives were lost and love and hope to the survivors.

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